Dragon Ball Z: What would a realistic take look like?

Forget the abomination that was the Dragon Ball Z movie, what would the beloved DBZ characters look like if they were given a more realistic touch-up? Dragon Ball Z fans come in all ages and corners of the world and it looks like some talented fans have used their skills to create some digital artworks of the characters.

I never expected a more realistic take to be so…scary. Maybe DBZ is meant to be R rated if Hollywood ever decides to stay true and make an epic blockbuster movie fans deserve. It’s kinda like Wolverine y’know? We never get the Wolverine movie a comic fan really wants.

Anyway, enough of my dreams. Let’s get down to the pictures!


Cell realistic - Dragon Ball Z


Frieza realistic - Dragon Ball Z

Super Buu

Super Buu realistic

Master Roshi

Master Roshi - Realistic

Kid Buu

Buu from Dragon Ball Z - (Realistic)

Super Buu

Buu from Dragon Ball Z - realistic

Dodoria, Frieza and Zarborn

Dodoria Frieza and Zarborn realistic DBZ characters


Cell by Nachomolina


Nappa- DBZ realistic

Dr. GeroDr. Gero by Nachomolina

What do you guys think? My favourite is the first CG Cell and Frieza. What are yours? Brings back some good memories. Man, I miss Dragon Ball Z..


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